Schedule & Budget Management 


Time is money. Onshore Construction builds to aggressive construction schedules while always maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. To achieve this requires constant planning and supervision.

Long lead material orders are tracked to ensure timely delivery to the jobsite. In some cases, materials are imported from abroad, which requires additional tracking and an understanding of customs and import procedures.

Client selections are an integral part of the scheduling process. Onshore identifies items that require client selections and alerts all parties to the timeline for decisions.

Onshore utilizes Microsoft Project software for its scheduling needs. This powerful program is able to track job progress and provide immediate feedback when conflicts and delays are encountered. Jobsite field personnel carry tablets loaded with the latest software capable of reading and editing schedules for immediate results.

Key Factors for Success

  •  Build to aggressive construction schedules.
  •  Track time and materials effectively.
  •  Utilize the latest software tools.
  •  Track progress against milestone goals.
  •  Re-program quickly when tracking goals move.

Budget Management

Budget management is key to every successful project at Onshore Construction. From the beginning, preliminary conceptual budgets are compiled from available information. As the project progresses, the budget is constantly updated and monitored to provide the most reliable projection of the end cost.

Onshore believes in a “transparent, no surprise” policy that keeps clients constantly informed of both cost savings and over-runs compared to the budget. The majority of Onshore contracts are performed on a “cost-plus” format. This gives full disclosure of the contracting process and encourages client participation at any level.

By receiving multiple subcontract bids, performing in-house quantity take-offs and using historic cost analysis, Onshore is able to obtain the very best value in construction services.

Providing regular and accurate financial cost reports to clients is very important. Onshore has implemented the “Sage 100” software program as a company-wide solution to its project management and accounting needs. Clients are provided a progress payment detail report on a monthly basis which is reviewed in person.

Key Factors for Success

  •  “Transparent, no surprises” policy.
  •  Complete transparency throughout the construction process
  •  Full disclosure on cost-plus agreements.
  •  Compile conceptual budgets early.
  •  Develop budgets in detail as information is provided.
  •  Utilize Sage 100 software solution.